An Urban Legend is a story that is normally cautionary. It is normally second or third hand.   

There are many types of Urban Legends they are Funny, Scary, Warning and gross. The backseat killer story is certainly supposed to be scary. My other story The Exploding cactus was kind of there to gross you out and turn you off buying cactii.

Urban legends have many features, lets take my backseat hitch hiker story. It starts off and explains the setting and the characters in this case a innocent girl and a car behind her on a long deserted highway. Then It sucks us in by telling us that the car behind her starts trying to distract her or “scare” her. Finally it explains the story and fills all the empty spaces we didn’t understand before.

Well, for the next question i’ll use my “Exploding Cactus” story. This particular story started around the time when it was in and hip to have plants like cactii in people’s houses. A lot of Urban Legends were started because they want to warn or frighten people about new things.

People can try to bend common Urban Legends so they may relate more to someone that person knows or is related to. Others may change it just to make it scarier or in some cases funnier.

Urban Legends are popular mostly because they create an ambience of mystery. Adults and Children alike enjoy telling Urban Legends because they scare people, make people laugh or gross people out.
Jack Shiels.


You know when you’re trying to get to sleep and just when you think you are there you feel like your falling an you awake with a start. Well if your like most people then these don’t happen to you very frequently. It happens to me every night. I can barely get to sleep. This and my sleep-walking has been a big problem lately. But it was July 22 that I had the strangest night of my life. I was walking home from work seeing as my car had been totaled when a car ran a read light and hit me. I was just crossing a wooden bridge when I heard a creaking from the posts. I felt the bridge shake so I started to run, but it was too late. The boards fell and I went with it. The river directly under me was flowing fast through the sharp rocks. I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable crunch of my body on stone so it was a huge surprise when I felt nothing but the wind through my hair. I opened my eyes to find myself hovering directly over the sharp rocks. “What was happening to me?” I thought to myself. I tried to navigate myself up and towards dry land and found I did it with ease. I finnaly got up there and lay down on the cool grass. I heard some footsteps coming closer. I sat up and found myself face to face with a 10 year old boy. He was staring at me with a giant grin on his face.
“You are SUPERMAN!” said the little boy and ran off.
I thought nothing of it at first but realised the less people who know about this the better, so I pursued the little boy. He ran very quickly and I was straining to keep up. He turned into an alley way and I followed him in there. I turned the corner and saw a man in a black coat holding the boy with a knife to his throat. The boy was quiet, but nothing close to calm.
“One step closer and the kid gets it!” threatned the strange man.
I stopped in my tracks. The wind blew suddenly and the mans over coat hoodie blew off. I saw his face plain and clear. He was a man in his late thirties with a rough but skinny face. Now I knew what he looked like he realised I could tell the cops and he started on me. He through the kid to the ground and charged. It was a spare of the moment thing and jumped up as high as I could praying it would happen again. It did. The man ran under me and turned, staring in disbelief. I felt myself in control of my power and a surge of strength ran through me. I flew to the side of the alley and picked up one of the bins, flew full speed atthe man who was aproaching the kid again. I through the bin with all my power and him right in the face. With look of despair in his eyes he fell to the ground. I went to the child and picked him up. He opened his eyes and seemed to be ok for walking so I placed him on the ground and he ran off. I let him go when I realised why I chased him in the first place. I thought I should go get him again but then it came to me.
This is what I’m here for, this is what i have to do,
I was born a hero.

Doctor who (the runaway bride) was the first of the new series. In this episode the doctor meets a bride named donna.  The two are fighting when the doctor notices some strange santa things advancing on them. The doctor investigates. When he looks back donna is gone. She was kidnapped and the doctor chases after her in his flying police box which he names the TARDIS. He rescues her and they go to the wedding  reception that she was supposed to be at when the evil santas attack.The Doctor discovers a part of the robots after he blows them up. He traces the piece of santa back to the water barriers in the bay. Him, the bride and her reunited “soon to be” husband go there to investigate. It is there they meet the queen of archnids and discover that the husband is part of the plan. Eventually the Doctor finds a way of killing the evil spider with the water from the bay.
This episode of doctor who was alright. The Queen spider was kind of annoying and over acted but I guess that was just part of the fun. Overall an O.K. episode.

1. What are some ordinary objects or events that are used in extraordinary ways in ‘The Runaway Bride’?
• For example, the Doctor’s timespace machine is disguised as a phonebooth; the alien robots are disguised as..? Think of at least five events or objects.


Screwdriver thing–Zappy thing

Phone box–Space ship

Brass instruments–Guns

Christmas decorations–bombs

Flood barriers–alien base

2. Why do you think the show uses ordinary objects and everyday things in a strange and surprising way? What effect do you think it has on the viewer/reader to see everyday objects used in such a way? Is it funny? Scary? Exciting?

It makes people suspend belief for a second.

3. Do you think the scene on the freeway where the TARDIS is chasing the taxi would have been more or less effective if the TARDIS was a typical-looking spaceship? Why do you think this?

No it wouldn’t because the phone box is an origanal and funny idea.

Write a short piece on your blog, explaining what “friendship” means to you. Who has been a good friend to you? When have you been a good friend to someone else? What does it mean to be a “good friend” to someone?
I think that a friend is someone who you can relate to. Someone who you can tell them things that you would be too afraid or embarresed to tell anyone else. No wait thats a best friend. A friend is a companion who is loyal, trust worthy, and has a good time with you. Friends are people that will come and go in various places but best friends you will remember for life. I have only ever had two best friends in my life and I still talk with them now. I have had friends that are still with me now but never as special as those two.
Do you think it’s important to have good friends?
Its very important to have good friends because friends can help you with things that parents and adults can’t. Whether its buying something or if your having trouble at recess with some kids older that you, without friends your stuffed.
Why is Fox described as a ‘flickering tongue of fire’? What does this tell us about the effect he will have on Dog and Magpie.
He sounds like he would intimidate them a olot.
Think of five words that describe Dog, Fox and Magpie.
Dog: Fast, Trustworthy, Friendly, helpful and wise.
Magpie: Helpless, Friendly, trusting, weak and lost.
Fox: Sad, Lonely, Devious, evil and untrustworthy.

Magpie feels that Fox’s smell fills up the cave. She isn’t really describing his smell, but how she makes him feel. What does this tell you about how she feels about Fox?
She obviously didn’t trust him and was a bit paranoid. But I guess she was right.

Why do you think Fox splits up Dog and Magpie? Would he have done this if he had more friends of his own?
He wouldn’t have split them up if he had friends because the whole reason he did it was because he was a lonley tool.

Why would Fox’s scream be a scream of despair? Why would it be one of triumph?

Do you think Magpie was really good friends with Dog? Why/why not? I thought she could have been more friendly because if she was trully friendly she would have been nicer and not betrayed Dog to run with fox.

After the rains, I was walking through the bush and and found a Dog and a Magpie. The magpie seemed frightened. The dog was actually quite frijoined in endly and offered me food and shelter. I told the dog how much i admired his running. The magpie is looking a bit sus. I am interested in her burnt wing. In the afternoon I occasionally joined in on the conversation but mostly watched from a far. I really wanted the life of theirs both really happy toghether. So later on I slowly strided my way to magpie. I whispered to her that I could run much faster then dog and invited her on my back. She hopped on and I ran her through the hot dusty plains. She was having a ball. That was when Slowed to a halt throwing her off my back. She ws quite distressed, it was then that I turned and ran off into the horizon. I left her there to die. She will never have a happy friend-filled life again.

The guys name is Michael. He is in year 11 and has black hair and he has problems all teenages do, pimples, girls and friends. He comes from the fur ravaged town of brumby. don’t ask me what fur is because they have not told me. He also has discovered his dads CD player and several of his albums including “Meloncollie and the infinite sadness” by the smashing pumpkins. He is surprised at how much he enjoys it and finds the more he listens to it the more he feels a connection to Billy Corgan the lead singer.